Dedicated to animal welfare since 1984

Who we are

The SPCA de l’Outaouais is made up of some 50 employees who are passionate about animal welfare and who are committed to helping out furballs of Outaouais.

Whether you want to adopt an animal, bring us a stray or even entrust us with your pet for whatever reason, we will always welcome you with empathy and kindness!

You’ll find a sympathetic ear and a team dedicated to ensuring that every animal in the Outaouais receives the attention it deserves and finds a family for life.

Our mission

Our mission is first and foremost to protect animals from neglect, abuse and exploitation. We also aim to enhance the well-being of every animal in the Outaouais region, and to raise public awareness of quality-of-life issues affecting our furry friends. We want to encourage compassion, kindness and respect for animals!

Our values


Building a healthy, positive and caring environment for our team and our community.

Excellence & rigor

To provide high-quality service and demonstrate professionalism in every decision we make.

Team well-being

Maintain a harmonious working climate and encourage the personal and professional development of our employees.


Fulfilling our commitments to the best of our ability and doing our best to help every animal in need.

Community involvement

We are actively involved in ensuring the development and blossoming of our community to optimize animal welfare!

Notre histoire

Our story begins in 1982, when a group of committed citizens decided to roll up their sleeves and take charge of the animal situation in the Outaouais region. At the time, there were no animal shelters in the region, so those who were abandoned or unwanted were condemned to certain death!

Our founders got organized and succeeded in setting up an organization that would come to the rescue of neighborhood dogs, cats and other furries. We officially obtained our non-profit status on May 5, 1984!

Since our foundation, we have welcomed and helped over 125,000 animals. Every day, our employees devote their energies to caring for our little guests and finding them the best possible families.

Our patrol and investigation team has decades of expertise, during which time we have followed up on over 16,000 complaints. We leave no stone unturned and support every citizen to the best of our ability, ensuring that every animal receives the care it needs in a loving environment.

What drives us is to contribute every day to the improvement of animal welfare in the Outaouais region. We firmly believe that every furry deserves to find a family for life, and to be able to thrive in an environment that meets its needs!

Would you like to join us so that cats, dogs and everyone else can live a serene, happy and joy-filled life?

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