Give your furry friend a beautiful goodbye

Losing your pet is an extremely difficult experience. Our hearts go out to you, and we’re here to support you through this painful process!

Cremation can play an important role in your grieving process, allowing you to bid a fond farewell to your furry companion, and even keep his ashes if you wish.

It’s a thoughtful and environmentally friendly way to say goodbye to your long-time friend!

We offer cremation services through Gateway Pet Memorial. To take advantage of this service, simply come to the shelter during our opening hours. Our receptionists will greet you with empathy and compassion, and guide you through the process!

*Please note that we do not offer euthanasia services. Please contact your veterinary clinic for information.

There are two options available for commemorating your pet.

1. Communal cremation
2. Individual cremation

You can choose from the following basic urn models:

Handmade blue ceramic urn

The textured finish and smooth curves of the blue ceramic urn complement any décor.

*Engraving optional, extra charge.

Hand-made, light brown ceramic urn

Add textured warmth to your décor with this handcrafted, light-brown ceramic urn.

*Engraving optional, extra charge.

Decorative metal urn – Blue

Classically designed with clean lines and a speckled metal finish, this handcrafted urn is an original item for your pet’s ashes.

*Engraving optional, extra charge.

Decorative metal urn – Light brown

The lightweight metal urn has a timeless, handcrafted design to cherish your beloved pet for many years to come.

*Engraving optional, extra charge.

Diffusion tube

Designed to simplify the process of scattering the ashes of a beloved friend.

*Customized plate optional, extra charge.

Cedar wood locking urn

The classic cedar latch urn is a timeless way to preserve precious memories and remember your beloved pet.

*Personalized plaque optional, additional charge.

Other urns and personalization options are also available. Visit the site Web de Gateway Pet Memorial or contact us for more information.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at 819-243-2004, option 0, for more information on our cremation services.

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