To take care of my pet, I get him microchipped!

If your pet ever gets lost or accidentally runs away, the microchip will greatly increase your chances of finding him.

We offer microchipping at a cost of $30+ tx per animal, by appointment only. Write to to reserve your 15-minute time slot!

What is a microchip?
What are the advantages of microchipping my pet?

Very important: keep your information up to date!

Once the microchip is in place, the next step is to make a note of the identification number associated with it. This number is linked to a database whose information must be up to date if your pet ever gets lost!

At the SPCA de l’Outaouais, we register your information as soon as the microchip is installed, to save you an extra step. We do business with the company 24petwatch, and they’re the ones you’ll need to contact if you ever want to make any changes to your file.

**Don’t forget to write to us if you move, so that we can keep your file up to date!

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