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Humanitarian adoption
Identification number : A2000119950
Race : Domestic cat
Age : 2 years
Sex : Male
Adoption cost : 25$**

All our cats are sterilized, microchipped, and have received the first dose of vaccine and antiparasitic.

Hi, my name is Krokmou! At 2 years old, I’m a male cat full of energy and intelligence. I have a beautiful black coat and captivating green eyes that reflect my endless curiosity about the world around me!

I’m a cat who likes to be active: I love playing with my toys, especially those that let me hunt and pounce as if I were stalking my prey! A cat tree would be perfect for me, as I love to climb and explore high up. That’s where I feel really comfortable and stimulated!

I’m also very sociable and enjoy human company. I love being scratched behind the ears and spoken to gently! However, I can sometimes be a bit impatient during prolonged handling, so a family without children would be preferable for me.

I need a family who understands my need for activity and can provide plenty of mental and physical stimulation. A home with a variety of toys and regular interaction would be ideal for me! In return, I promise to entertain you with my antics and offer you all my love.

If you’re looking for a playful, intelligent companion who’ll keep you enthusiastically company, I’m your ideal cat. Come and meet me and let me show you what I can bring to your home!

**To encourage the adoption of this boarder who has been at the shelter for over a month, a $50 discount will be applied to the regular rate!

*“Humanitarian adoption” means that the animal has special health or behavioral needs. In such cases, the 10-day health guarantee offered by the SPCAO does not apply.

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